Tips For Successful Lead Generation


Content marketing and lead generation have become the new cornerstones of marketing in the digital age, and companies that are leading the way in producing strong web content are poised to leave competitors behind. To drive in leads, business owners must focus on creating a strong social media presence, launching a blog or news feed and developing a rich and aesthetically pleasing website. Here are a few tips for promoting successful lead generation:

Start with landing pages

Landing pages are the permanent pieces of content on your site – think “About us,” “Our services,” and “Contact” sites. When designing a content strategy for a website, landing pages are the place to start. Thoughtful and well researched landing pages encourage users to spend more time on a site, and by making a site easy to explore and rich with content, one can improve the likelihood of increased lead generation.

Focus on content and calls to action

Once landing pages have been created, companies should focus on developing a strong web presence across multiple virtual channels. Entrepreneurs should increase their presence on social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter, and should curate a strong image via their company’s website.

Blogging is a great way to achieve this. Individuals want to see more than just products and services advertised online; they crave connection with a company, and blogging can provide just that. Furthermore, a company can present itself as a thought leader in a given industry by creating content that is timely and relevant to its target audience. Businesses should also include calls to action throughout a piece, prompting readers to make contact or a purchase in reaction to the piece.

Make it share-worthy

Each piece of content on a site should be as shareable as possible. Whether content comes in the form of blog pieces, relevant hard news articles, Tweets and Facebook posts, graphics or videos, spreading the word about a company via social media should be a top priority. Professionals should regularly update social media accounts, posting not only company produced articles, but also top trending relevant news pieces of the day.

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