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10 15 2014

10 15 2014

National Funding Hires Former Intuit Analytics Leader, Torrie Inouye, As Director of Business Intelligence and Analysis

National Funding, one of the country’s largest private lenders of small business loans, today announced the re-hire of Torrie Inouye as Director of Business Intelligence and Analysis.

As Director of Business Intelligence and Analysis, Ms. Inouye will oversee all business intelligence, working with the company’s executive team to further leverage analytics in their decision-making process, upgrade and streamline the data collection and analysis, and identify opportunities driven by insights from the data.

“We are thrilled to bring Torrie back to National Funding. She brings the superior ability of developing an analytical and reporting process to the company that is consistent with the growth we are experiencing,” said Dave Gilbert, CEO of National Funding. “Metrics are more important now than ever before, particularly in driving business, understanding what our customers need and want, and how to approach them. Torrie’s experience and role will be critical as we continue to grow the business and our offerings.”

With more than 10 years in business intelligence, Ms. Inouye began her career at National Funding during the company’s early years, and was instrumental in the development of its marketing programs, the metrics and the analysis of growth and opportunities.

“It is a pleasure to return to National Funding, a company that has grown tremendously,” said Ms. Inouye. “In the quickly-evolving alternative lending space, metrics and analytics are drivers in all areas of the business, and I am looking forward to adding a new layer of strategic direction to this already dynamic company.”

Most recently, Ms. Inouye was Staff Business Analyst at Intuit, where she led a team of analysts in the Turbo Tax division and helped define key KPIs, used analytics to understand customer behavior and interaction, and partnered with others in the business to optimize the product experiences through data-driven insights and experimentation. She piloted and led the implementation of Intuit’s self-serve analytics capability, working with business stakeholders to facilitate learning and on-going adoption of the system. Prior to Intuit, Ms. Inouye worked at Union Bank where she supported marketing and sales management with in-depth analysis and reporting.


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