How To Use Facebook Live For Small Businesses


As a business, it’s important to stay current on trends your customers engage in. A recent social media trend is Facebook Live, a tool that allows users to live stream anything they wish directly to the social media platform.

Consumers love to use Facebook Live to share snippets of events they wish to show their friends or family. Socially savvy businesses can use this tool in the same way – for example if you’ve helped organize a community event or are having a large sale at your location.

However, there are more ways to use this fun tool than just displaying video of gatherings. Here are three ways you can use Facebook Live to benefit your business:

Respond to blog comments

If you have a blog on your website that your customers regularly read, you may have long lists of comments on your posts. It’s always important to be responsive with your blog, as well as other social platforms like Twitter and, of course, Facebook. While a short, typed message or even a direct response will work in many cases, using Facebook Live to go through some of them can be a more direct and personal method of addressing reactions and questions.

Additionally, when you advertise that you will answer these questions at a certain time, it entices your followers to tune in to hear what you have to say, Social Media Examiner explained.

Give your audience an insider’s perspective

Your customers love your products, but do they know what went into creating them? They can, when you give them a look into your operation! Use Facebook Live to give a behind-the-scenes tour of your business, Post Planner suggested. Your fans will get to see a new side of a product they already enjoy and it will make them feel more connected to your business.

Interview your star employees

Your business is made of just more than products and services. There are real people making everything happen. Of course, you already know this and appreciate these people – but what about your audience?

Introduce your customers to some of the key players in their favorite products. If you have an employee of the month, offer that person to have a question-and-answer session onscreen to give your customers an even deeper look into how you do what you do.