Small business marketing hacks every owner should know


Crafting a small business marketing campaign requires more than merely following the easy tactics. Increasingly, small business owners need to tweak these techniques to truly unlock the underlying potential of the marketing campaign.

When sales are down and profit margins are razor thin, small business owners need to rely on every trick up their sleeve, and then some, to ensure they’re maximizing their investment on marketing and stretching each dollar as far as possible. Consider these small business marketing hacks to optimize the campaign:

Change the metadata for web content
You’ve spent some money creating a digital marketing campaign, including redesigning your website, posting a library worth of content and even uploading videos to your blogs. These collateral should drive web traffic to your site, especially since you’ve no doubt leveraged a well-researched search engine optimization strategy.

However, after a while, as the content lingers around on your website, you might find that the number of online visitors has started to drop off. Since you’ve already spent your marketing budget on the initial collateral, you might think you’re out of options until you draft and implement your next budget.

This doesn’t mean you can’t repurpose and reuse the material to continue gaining value from the initial investment. As noted by MarketingProfs, by sufficiently changing the metadata on your website’s content for the blogs, videos and other collateral, you can potentially fool Google, Yahoo and Bing’s search-and-rank algorithms into thinking you’ve posted entirely new content.

Acquire social proof
Social proof is becoming an increasingly important aspect of the small business marketing campaign. As noted by Kissmetrics, social proof is the combination of reviews, ads, blogs and other indicators of your online presence that has been verified or shared by customers or industry peers. In many ways, social proof is akin to a business “keeping it real” and displaying a sense of authenticity with their products and marketing campaign as provided by a satisfied individual.

For example, 70 percent of customers say they look at online reviews when they’re determining whether to patronize a new company, according to Kissmetrics. This makes online reviews immensely invaluable for spreading the good word about your business.

Case studies and client testimonials are two great ways to showcase this popular online currency. These highlight your customers’ satisfaction while simultaneously providing you a forum to promote your products or services.

Segment your email list
Instead of sending out one cookie-cutter email blast to all your customers, it can help to segment out the recipients into a predetermined marketing demographic. Too many small business owners send out the same marketing message as a monolithic block to all of their clients, website visitors, industry peers, partners, affiliates and more. But each of these groups will have different demands and expectations from your business.

By segmenting your email list into its respective categories, you can target these groups much better, and ideally find a more precise way to engage these individual markets. An email marketing strategy with segmented groups allows you to tailor the message to directly address the demands and needs of a particular cohort.

Consider guerilla marketing
Much like guerilla warfare, guerilla marketing utilizes non-traditional engagement tactics to reach customers in innovative and unusual ways. By reaching out to these individuals in creative attempts, they become more susceptible to your message and the campaign increases the chances of converting the lead.

As noted by Business2Community, these campaigns are typically less expensive and, if successful, can easily go viral. Some examples of guerilla marketing include using graffiti (with permission from the property’s owner), placing stickers in highly visible locations and attempting publicity stunts you can capture on video to post to your social media channels.

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