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Cheryl Dailey
Master Handyman, LLC

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Cheryl, tell us a little about Master Handyman, LLC.

"We provide handyman services to commercial enterprises, such as: restaurants, churches, retail stores, and financial institutions."

"Dan started the business in 1991 and kept the company focused on residential handyman jobs. In 2012, I moved to Cleveland and we started working together. "

"The phone rang one day, and the person on the phone asked me if we did commercial work. We discovered at that moment that the profit margins were much better and that it was a really good niche for our company. So we made the decision to transition over the next couple of years from residential work to 100% commercial work.”

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What triggered your need for a loan?

“Initially, we were completely self-funded on everything we did and every step we took...”

“...but because we were growing so fast, we knew there was going to come a time when we needed to borrow money.

“We wanted to establish a relationship with a lender and a credit history for future needs, which is why we reached out to National Funding.”

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How has National Funding helped?

“National Funding really helped to alleviate some of the stress that we had at the time that the loan came through.”

“Right when we borrowed the money, we also hired our fourth full-time employee. It was the perfect timing that this money came through and we could get her all set up with the equipment she needed so she could begin working right away, while we were still waiting on some checks to come in from our clients.

“Our business is growing so steadily now we can pursue our passion of investing in rental homes and reinvigorating our working class community in Cleveland.”

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What is it like to work with National Funding?

“Working with National Funding was very pressure-less process. ”

“I really liked our Loan Specialist with National Funding. She really asked the right questions and took the time to get to know our business. She wanted to know our goals and what we needed the money for. She waited until we were comfortable and ready to proceed.”

“When we were ready, she was always available -- and did a lot of communication and updates through email, not taking up our time on the phone.”

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