Jon Needed Money but
Didn’t Think He Fit the Mold

Jon Tanner
SWZ Insurance

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Jon, tell us a little about SWZ Insurance.

“We’re a retail insurance brokerage focused on the business community. To differentiate ourselves, we now offer legal services in addition to insurance.”

“We work with the larger commercial clients, primarily in the transportation, trucking, wholesale, oil and gas, and agriculture industries. I focus on certain industries where I have an exceptional amount of knowledge, where I can utilize my law degree to come in and help these people tackle some of their biggest challenges.

“For example, I met with a very large tomato distributor who was interested in risk coverage. They’ve seen a proliferation of product recalls in the past few years, which are very expensive. He was told that risk coverage is prohibitively expense, but I figured out a way to get it for him affordably.

“That’s what I do. I identify problems and work with the client on how to address them. That gives me a tremendous amount of satisfaction, because I’ve made a difference. I’ve added value.”

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What triggered your need for a loan?

“With any company, you get to a point where you plateau and you want to get to the next level. That’s when you need a funding partner.”

“I’m looking to grow and want to rebrand. We now offer legal services in addition to insurance. My goal is to double my revenue stream in the next 12 to 15 months. To do that, I’m going to really have to attract some new people into the company. And also get myself out more… traveling takes money and that’s where a funding partner is helpful.

“We’ve started an intensive marketing campaign. We’re building a new website, we created a new logo. And all these things take funds. So I reached out to National Funding.”

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How has National Funding helped?

“Getting financing is challenging for a business like mine. We don’t have assets or inventory. I was just looking for a lender who would give me a chance.”

“When I started this company, I funded it myself. I had a lot of experience, and I knew I was my most valuable asset and that I could generate business and build clients. But now I want to get to the next level. National Funding believed in me, and they helped me achieve my dream.

“National Funding took the time to talk with me and get an understanding of how we earn revenue. They could see we have a very healthy income stream. And once they had a grip on who we are, they provided the money we needed. I got funding immediately.”

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What is it like to work with National Funding?

“It wasn’t just a cookie-cutter formula on the internet. With National Funding, I got a partnership.”

“I started filling out the form on National Funding’s website, but I didn’t finish. I thought they were more geared to companies that had a lot of credit card receipts. Then I got a follow-up call from Chris, my National Funding loan specialist. He was not some telemarketer—he could actually discuss lending with me. I could tell he was really analyzing the data I sent.

“Chris was very positive and creative. He was professional, and that’s what I wanted, because I’m busy. He did not waste my time. He never asked for anything that wasn’t relevant. He didn’t ask for too much. The process was not complicated at all. I felt validated and felt good about it to be able to move forward.

“With National Funding I have a funding partner to grow with. Would I recommend National Funding? Absolutely.”

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