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Quality Dental Equipment for Superior Care

As with any other business, the success of a dental practice is determined by the service patients receive. High-quality service depends on dentists having access to the right equipment for the job. Unfortunately, dental equipment can be incredibly costly.  The right equipment is essential for a successful dental practice, but buying equipment outright isn’t always the best option. As many small business owners have found, equipment leasing and financing offers many advantages purchasing does not, from the ability to maintain higher cash reserves to the opportunity for special tax deductions.

Fortunately, the owners of dental practices can depend on dental equipment financing or leasing to serve their needs. With various dental financing options to choose from, National Funding can provide practices with the option that best fits their requirements.


Advantages to Dental Equipment Leasing and Financing

Among leasing and financing choices, dentists can select from purchase options, dollar buy-out leases and specialized leases for large, costly equipment purchases over $150,000.

Whereas purchasing equipment outright will deplete working capital, dental equipment leasing allows practices to obtain the tools they need while maintaining a cushion of funds for ongoing expenses and unexpected emergencies.


Popular Pieces of Equipment Dental Practices Can Lease or Finance Are:

Dental equipment financing and leasing.


Additionally, leasing gives dental practices the chance to take advantage of beneficial tax breaks under Section 179 of the U.S. Tax Code, such as taking deductions from taxable income for equipment leased and expensing equipment depreciation during the term of the lease.

National Funding dental equipment financing also guarantees you will pay the lowest monthly payment on every piece of equipment leased. Our $1,000 Guaranteed Lowest Payment program states that our quoted monthly payments will be lower than any competitor’s for the same equipment and terms or we’ll pay you $1,000.

Our leasing and financing options come with flexible terms intended to streamline the process, including leases for new or pre-owned equipment, no down payments and 90-day deferred payment options.


Leasing for All Dental Specialties

Whether you’re a general practitioner, specializing in oral surgery or anything in between, National Funding can give you the leasing and financing options you need to obtain the right dental equipment.

Apply online today to see how a dental equipment lease from National Funding can improve your business and save you money at the same time!

Equipment Leasing & Financing

New and pre-owned equipment leases

National Funding is a leader in the equipment financing industry. With our Lowest Payment Guarantee and no down payment requirement, we cost you less. Our dedicated Loan Specialists will work to get you a quick approval on virtually any type of equipment. They will then find the payment option that’s best for you.

Click or call and receive a quick decision and the equipment you need.

  • Up to $150,000 in equipment leasing

  • New or pre-owned equipment

  • Wide variety of payment options

  • Huge potential tax savings

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