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Fitness equipment comes in all shapes and sizes, but one thing all gym equipment has in common is cost. Purchasing fitness equipment outright can be an incredibly expensive prospect, especially if you’re buying a wide range of machinery for your gym. Fortunately, gym equipment leasing provides business owners the chance to finance the gym furnishings they need without breaking the bank.

From treadmills and free weights to stationary bikes and whirlpools – there’s no shortage of gym equipment on the market. Whether you’re opening a fitness center of your own or simply wish to create an employee gym at your workplace, the price tag that comes with this equipment can be immense.

Fortunately, the fitness industry is one of many sectors where gym equipment leasing and financing is an option. Just as business owners make use of restaurant, medical, dental and IT equipment leasing, they can finance the gym equipment they need without depleting their cash reserves.

Gym, fitness equipment leasing and financing

Fitness and Gym Equipment Leasing

National Funding’s fitness and gym equipment leasing allows you to acquire more equipment, not to mention higher end machinery, than you otherwise may have been able to afford on your own.  At the same time, through 100% financing, you can boost your bottom line by avoiding down payments and matching the term of the lease to the useful life of the equipment. In this way, you can ensure you have the most up-to-date equipment to serve your ever-changing needs while also conserving working capital and other funds for other business needs, such as marketing and staff expansion.

Additionally, utilizing fitness and gym equipment financing from National Funding gives you the opportunity to save come tax season. The IRS allows your equipment lease payments to be 100 percent tax deductible, or the depreciation on your equipment can be expensed 100 percent during the term of your lease instead of the life of the equipment; these allow you to speed up your depreciation. Learn more about the tax saving benefits of Section 179.

National Funding has numerous leasing options for you to choose from, and we’re dedicated to finding the financing that best suits your business needs. Together with our Guaranteed Lowest Payment policy, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting the best deal possible.

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Equipment Leasing & Financing

New and pre-owned equipment leases

National Funding is a leader in the equipment financing industry. With our Lowest Payment Guarantee and no down payment requirement, we cost you less. Our dedicated Loan Specialists will work to get you a quick approval on virtually any type of equipment. They will then find the payment option that’s best for you.

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