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Types of Restaurant Loans

Small Business Loans icon

Small Business Loans

Get a loan for kitchen supplies employee payroll or marketing efforts.

$5,000 to $500,000

Equipment Financing and Leasing icon

Equipment Financing and Leasing

Purchase or lease equipment for your restaurant business.

Up to $150,000

How Restaurant Business Loans Can Help You

Running a restaurant is one of the most difficult business ventures. Having a passion for providing great food, drinks and atmosphere for your customers is what makes it worth it. The competitive nature of the restaurant industry makes it difficult for many restaurant owners to see consistent cash flow. That’s why it’s important to establish a good relationship with a reliable lender who can provide restaurant funding when you need it most.

Partner with New Vendors icon

Partner with New Vendors

  • Restaurant loans provide a financial opportunity to partner with new vendors and expand your inventory
  • Cash from a loan allows you to expand beyond the basics: try adding a new craft beer on tap or source fresh local ingredients from vendors at the market
Upgrade to New Restaurant Equipment icon

Upgrade to New Restaurant Equipment

  • Ovens, fryers and dishwashers are expensive, long-term investments that can be financed with restaurant loans
  • Restaurant equipment leasing offers an easier way to get top-quality commercial kitchen equipment at a price you can afford
Stock Up on Inventory icon

Stock Up on Inventory

  • Get ready for a holiday rush by buying your ingredients, cleaning supplies and other inventory well ahead of time
  • Broken glasses and plates are a part of the restaurant business, but a restaurant business loan allows you to purchase plenty of backups
Keep Your Restaurant Well-Staffed icon

Keep Your Restaurant Well-Staffed

  • Busy periods require additional staff to keep your restaurant running smoothly and loan funds can help you cover payroll when cash is tight
  • Hire the employees you need and give them proper training with restaurant business loans

How to Apply

Restaurant business financing is the easiest way to get cash to cover your business expenses. Applying for a loan through National Funding is easy. Simply fill out our short online application. A Funding Specialist will contact you to learn more about your business and see what restaurant loans are available for you.
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Why National Funding?

Restaurants and their owners have distinct, diverse funding needs from other types of businesses. As a restaurant owner, you need a lender who understands the unique challenges faced in the food service industry. Most restaurants benefit from a financing program that's customized to fit the needs of an individual business. Unfortunately, it's common for restaurant owners to be turned down for a one-size-fits-all loan that just doesn't work with the restaurant business model. Instead of using years of financial documents to make a decision, National Funding gives restaurant owners a chance to speak with a loan expert. You'll be able to explain your need for restaurant business financing. We'll then help you find tailored loan options that can be customized to meet the cash flow and payment needs of you restaurant.

We Know Restaurant Businesses

We Know Restaurant Businesses

Experience supporting restaurant business owners

Trusted by Businesses Like Yours

Trusted by Businesses Like Yours

Over $3 billion in funding to more than 50,000 businesses nationwide

Personalized Experience

Personalized Experience

Lending solutions and payment options tailored to your specific needs

Fast & Easy Application Process

Fast & Easy Application Process

No-cost, no-obligation application with funding in as few as 24 hours1

Funding Specialists Who Care

Funding Specialists Who Care

Experienced Funding Specialists help you make the right decision

Worry-Free Lending

Worry-Free Lending

No collateral requirements, plus simple, automatic payments

Restaurant Business Resources

As you know, running the financial side of a restaurant is one of the most difficult parts of owning a dining establishment. Between busy holiday rushes, slow period and high employee turnover, it's no wonder many restaurant owners face inconsistent cash flow. We've provided some helpful resources to make managing your business finances a little easier.

Upgrading Bar or Restaurant Equipment to Stay Competitive

Upgrading Bar or Restaurant Equipment to Stay Competitive

Restaurants are almost never alone – your restaurant probably has several other dining establishments nearby. This healthy competition can be great to increase your potential foot traffic. It might also leave you wondering how to convince customers to come into your establishment rather than the one across the street. One way to stay competitive is to upgrade your kitchen and dining equipment. A new oven may help you cook food more evenly, while a new online booking platform can help get more guests in the door. Read more about financing restaurant equipment upgrades.

3 Ways to Expand with Restaurant Equipment Leasing

To be successful, your restaurant needs to continuously bring in new customers while continuing to offer the dishes and service that brings back repeat diners. Getting customers to come back night after night can be difficult for a restaurant. You have to keep coming up with new ideas while offering your old favorites. Upgrading your equipment can help you serve customers more efficiently and give each customer a positive experience, but these upgrades can be costly. Luckily, you can lease new restaurant equipment to offer new experiences and menu items at an affordable price. Use these three ideas to make the most of restaurant business financing and equipment leasing.

How to Choose a Prime Location for Your Restaurant Business

How to Choose a Prime Location for Your Restaurant Business

The right location can make or break your restaurant. Ideally, you want to find a spot that’s visible and has a lot of foot traffic. However, you don’t want to open up your restaurant in the most expensive part of town if you know you can’t afford the rent each month. If you’re looking to expand to a second restaurant or move to a new location, consider these tips.

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