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Types of Food Truck Business Loans

Small Business Loans icon

Small Business Loans

Get the cash you need for everyday food truck costs, materials, payroll and more.

$5,000 to $500,000

Equipment Financing and Leasing icon

Equipment Financing and Leasing

Purchase or lease vehicles for your food truck business.

Up to $150,000

How Food Truck Business Financing Can Help You

It’s easy to see why food trucks are a popular business. Compared to other methods, food trucks offer a relatively low-cost option to break into the restaurant industry. When your business is on wheels, however, you encounter many issues that other food service companies do not. Food truck business loans can help you pay for sudden costs or expansion opportunities as they arise.

Maintain Your Restaurant icon

Maintain Your Restaurant

  • Keep the truck aspect of your business in top shape so you don’t experience a breakdown
  • Invest in equipment to maintain a safe and sanitary food service area, even on the go
Cover Unexpected Expenses icon

Cover Unexpected Expenses

  • Pay for unexpected repair bills for your truck or the kitchen equipment inside
  • Food truck business financing gives you access to capital to cover increases in food costs and operation expenses
Expand Your Food Truck Business icon

Expand Your Food Truck Business

  • Purchase a second truck to cover a larger service area
  • Use loan funds to reserve space at major events or popular locations so your food truck is in front of a large audience
Administrative Duties icon

Administrative Duties

  • Working capital loans can help you set up an office space to run the administrative part of your business
  • Invest in payroll or ordering software to streamline business procedures

How to Apply

How do small business loans for food trucks work? Applying for food truck financing has never been easer.
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Why National Funding?

Owning a restaurant on wheels makes serving a large number of customers easier than ever. However, the uncertainties of running a food truck can cause traditional lenders to reject loan applications. The Funding Specialists at National Funding understand how frustrating a loan rejection can be to a business owner. We’ll work with you to create food truck business financing options tailored to your needs.

We Know Food Truck Businesses

We Know Food Truck Businesses

Experience supporting food truck business owners

Trusted by Businesses Like Yours

Trusted by Businesses Like Yours

Over $4.5 billion in funding to more than 75,000 businesses nationwide

Personalized Experience

Personalized Experience

Lending solutions and payment options tailored to your specific needs

Funding Specialists Who Care

Funding Specialists Who Care

Experienced Funding Specialists help you make the right decision

Fast & Easy Application Process

Fast & Easy Application Process

No-cost, no-obligation application with funding in as few as 24 hours1

Worry-Free Lending

Worry-Free Lending

No collateral requirements, plus simple, automatic payments3

Food Truck Business Resources

When you’re on the go making delicious meals and serving customers from your food truck business it can be difficult to learn more about the financial side of running your business. Whether you want to expand, are looking for food truck business loans or need tax tips, we have resources that can help you make sound financial decisions for your food truck.

Statistics Every Restaurant Owner Needs to Know

Statistics Every Restaurant Owner Needs to Know

Even though your restaurant is mobile, food truck businesses are an important part of the large American restaurant industry. Check out these insightful statistics about restaurant finances and learn how you can avoid the stress of unexpected expenses.

Keep Customers Coming Back with Expansion

Keep Customers Coming Back with Expansion

Keep Customers Coming Back with Expansion

Upgrade Food Truck Equipment to Stay Competitive

Upgrade Food Truck Equipment to Stay Competitive

Food trucks are becoming a more popular business option for entrepreneurs. As more and more competitors enter the industry, you have to create ways to stand out from the crowd. This post offers ideas to upgrade your food truck equipment to set yourself apart from other food trucks in your area.

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Trustpilot rates 5 out of 5Jul 19

As far as bridge financing goes...

As far as bridge financing goes these guys are about as good as it's going to get we paid it off early and got a 10% discount on the balance

Randy Shoemaker

Trustpilot rates 5 out of 5May 28

Eric Fong did an amazing job

I will definitely recommend any small business needing one form of funding or the other to check National Funding out.

Sam A.

Trustpilot rates 5 out of 5Jun 06

Hats off to the team that helped me…

Hats off to the team that helped me with some business lending. They made the process super easy for both working capital and equipment loans.

Hallie Beilig

Trustpilot rates 5 out of 5Jun 15

Great experience

Great experience, easy funding, paid next day! Smooth & straightforward process! Still lowest offered than any other lenders.