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Types of Law Firm Business Loans

Small Business Loans icon

Small Business Loans

Get the cash you need for everyday expenses, payroll and more.

$5,000 to $500,000

Equipment Financing and Leasing icon

Equipment Financing and Leasing

Purchase or lease equipment for your law firm business.

Up to $150,000

How Law Firm Business Loans Can Help You

Managing a law firm can be challenging for its owners. From hiring quality staff to help your legal practice run smoothly, to upgrading invoice and payment systems, getting access to the right financing to pay for these is important. You want to provide the best possible experience and service to your clients. Consider financing to cover your everyday working capital needs.

Hire the Best Staff icon

Hire the Best Staff

  • Use a working capital loan to recruit, and attract the best staff
  • Hire the best staff to help you manage your law firm’s customer service and finances
Modernize Your Law Firm’s Office icon

Modernize Your Law Firm’s Office

  • Purchase new furniture to create a comfortable, clean, modern meeting spaces for meeting your clients
  • Upgrade your law firm’s invoicing and payment systems
Pay For Everyday Expenses icon

Pay For Everyday Expenses

  • Cover the cost of recurring expenses like payroll, expenses, and materials
  • Pay for your law firm’s space rent, utilities and taxes to keep the lights on and water running
Expand Your Law Firm to New Locations icon

Expand Your Law Firm to New Locations

  • Expand your law firm to a larger location or open a office in a new area
  • Bring on additional staff with extra working capital funds

How to Apply

How do law firm financing loans work? Applying for a business loan has never been easier.
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Why National Funding?

When considering the needs of your law firm, you want a lender who has worked with legal practices before. At National Funding, we understand that securing financing can be difficult. As a business owner, you sometimes have to wait for customers' payments to clear. Law firm financing loans from National Funding don’t require lengthy paperwork. Speak with one of our friendly, knowledgeable Funding Specialists to learn more about our small business loans.

We Know Law Firm Businesses

We Know Law Firm Businesses

Experience supporting law firm business owners

Trusted by Businesses Like Yours

Trusted by Businesses Like Yours

Over $4.5 billion in funding to more than 75,000 businesses nationwide

Personalized Experience

Personalized Experience

Lending solutions and payment options tailored to your specific needs

Fast & Easy Application Process

Fast & Easy Application Process

No-cost, no-obligation application with funding in as few as 24 hours1

Funding Specialists Who Care

Funding Specialists Who Care

Experienced Funding Specialists help you make the right decision

Worry-Free Lending

Worry-Free Lending

No collateral requirements, plus simple, automatic payments3

Types of Loans Available for Law Firms

No matter what your law firm’s needs are, we have a small business loan option that will work for you. Our Funding Specialists are happy to help you find the right loan for your law firm. Simply apply online to see which option is best for you.

Working Capital Loans

Working Capital Loans

In order for businesses to run smoothly, they need on-hand cash to cover expected or unexpected expenses. Working capital loans can give your business access to cash when you need it most to cover these crucial expenses. A working capital loan allows you to have flexibility with your finances, maintain business ownership, and have access to cash for immediate expenses. Our working capital loans can help you have cash-on-hand to help cover everyday business expenses when money is tight or business is slow, and can even work as a business expansion loan.

Unsecured Business Loans

Unsecured Business Loans

Traditional lenders sometimes require personal collateral when signing up for business loans. With our unsecured or uncollateralized small business loan, we do not require such collateral. That way you can focus on the more important aspects of your business without having to worry about losing your personal assets. Our unsecured business loans can provide you with peace of mind, flexibility, and financial stability.

Business Loans for Women

Business Loans for Women

National Funding is proud to provide financing options for women-owned businesses. We understand that being a female business owner comes with challenges. Financing shouldn’t be one of them. At National Funding, we want to help you succeed by providing the best loans for your business. 

Law Firm Business Resources

A business loan is an investment in the growth of your law firm — but securing financing is only a fraction of what it takes to manage your finances. We’ve put together a list of resources to give you the whole story on loans, taxes and managing the financial health of your law firm..

8 Common Hiring Mistakes you Should Avoid

8 Common Hiring Mistakes you Should Avoid

If you’re recruiting new people to join your facility, that usually means you’re in a position of growth — whether you’re expanding your business or approaching your peak season. To maintain that growth trajectory, it’s crucial to know the most common hiring mistakes and how to avoid them.

Why You Should Avoid Using Outdated Technology

Keeping around outdated computers could cost businesses more than the price of an upgrade. Most small business owners understand this intuitively, but what they may fail to recognize is that outdated hardware and software are both a liability and a lost opportunity. Said differently, failing to upgrade outdated technology in business at the same pace as industry competitors could prove to be a significant disadvantage. We’ll help you understand why.

Why You Should Avoid Using Outdated Technology

Common Tax Mistakes That Could Cost Your Business

Common Tax Mistakes That Could Cost Your Business

Tax time is stressful for almost everyone, but as a small business owner you have a more complicated set of tax requirements to abide by than most. Navigating quarterly taxes and understanding the deductions available for your business are difficult tasks. Prepare yourself by reviewing these common tax mistakes so you know what to avoid and don’t cost your facility money come tax time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your questions about financing and loans for lawyers and legal practices.

What types of loan options are available for law firms?
The types of loans available for law firms and other small businesses include working capital loans, unsecured business loans, and short term business loans. When you apply for a loan from National Funding, our Funding Specialists will help you choose the right type of loan for your specific business needs.
Are there fees associated with law firm financing options?
There are no fees to complete the online application for financing through National Funding. Once you apply, one of our knowledgeable Funding Specialists will let you know if there are any fees associated with the loan options you qualify for. We are here to help you find the best loan for your business, with the least amount of cost to you.
How do I choose the right type of loan for my law firm?
Choosing which type of loan to use can be a difficult decision, which is why our Funding Specialists are here to walk you through your options to figure out which loan fits your business’s needs. Apply online to see your options.

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Trustpilot rates 5 out of 5Jul 19

As far as bridge financing goes...

As far as bridge financing goes these guys are about as good as it's going to get we paid it off early and got a 10% discount on the balance

Randy Shoemaker

Trustpilot rates 5 out of 5May 28

Eric Fong did an amazing job

I will definitely recommend any small business needing one form of funding or the other to check National Funding out.

Sam A.

Trustpilot rates 5 out of 5Jun 06

Hats off to the team that helped me…

Hats off to the team that helped me with some business lending. They made the process super easy for both working capital and equipment loans.

Hallie Beilig

Trustpilot rates 5 out of 5Jun 15

Great experience

Great experience, easy funding, paid next day! Smooth & straightforward process! Still lowest offered than any other lenders.